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TK-xxxxx reporting and requesting assistance

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Hello all! This is PFC De Vries, Garrison Excelsior’s newest member! Originally a farmer from Idaho, I joined the Army, went to basic in 2018 and have been stationed at Fort Drum, NY since the end of January 2019. I’m an infantryman and thought it would be good to go with the good old imperial grunt: the stormtrooper, Rogue One style. I’ve ordered an armor kit from 850ArmorWorks and a nice E-11 replica from The Mandalorian. I’m looking for recommendations for an R1 style helmet, some quality but cheap gloves, a body suit, a neck seal, an E-11 holster, helmet padding, the straps and stuff to make the armor wearable and maybe a good mic system for the helmet. Any other R1 TK tips would also be appreciated! I’m excited to don the white armor and officially become a member of the 501st! 

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Welcome to the FISD!  For info on the Rogue One Tk, check out this area of posts:




For general tips go through the Getting Started section.  There are vendor lists and supply lists, etc.

Also, for general tips and info check out this:



I'm a OT TK and can't help too much with the Rogue One version, but there are some troopers here that can certainly help.  Good luck with the build!

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Welcome to FISD Collin!


Here is a forum full of other R1 build threads.  There aren't very many among our ranks just yet but I would suggest you take a gander in there and see if that answers some of your questions.



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Hello from Western New York!

Yours will be the first R1TK in the Garrison, so for the Rogue One specific tips this is the best place to look.

I'll start off with two things - the R1TK doesn't have a holster, so you don't have to worry about that, and there may be some surplus helmet pads available where you are.

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