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[10] TK-12953 Troop Log


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My first troop is scheduled for 2/28-3/1 At Mysticon in Roanoke, VA

I'm excited to show off my White Armor.

Three Days @ Mysticon. Our Garrison counts each day as a troop.

I did over 12hrs in my white armor, including an hour long "meet the 501st" panel, over the 3 days.


This will be my Troop Log List as well.


Troop 1 Mysticon    02/28/2020
Troop 2 Mysticon     02/29/2020
Troop 3 Mysticon     03/01/2020
Troop 4 Cancer Parade    05/04/2020
Troop 5 Isolated child    06/24/2020
Troop 6 VA ComicCon    08/22/2020
Troop 7 InfernoCon    10/04/2020


Troop 8 Passion Community Church At the Movies-Powhatan 4/18/2021

Troop 9 May the horse be with you event at Stable Craft Brewery 5/2/2021

Troop 10 Midwest Garrison May the 4th Celebration Parade Shorewood, IL 5/8/2021

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increase troop count, add The Troop Log list.
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Great New Mate, congrats in advance!!  If you haven't done yet, I would recommend you to check the following link. Especially the 1.5 Trooping

Section.  Enjoy Being a Bad Guy Doing Good.  :th_AnimatedBravoSmiley:





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Troop #4

May the Forth social distancing parade for a young fan that lost his father to cancer.

We followed all the social distancing requirements for our state, including limiting our troop to 10 people.


It was also my son's first troop. He has his TI and IC and we are working on his TK.

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As 2020 is winding up, I just wanted to add my Three "unofficial" troops, just so I have them noted.

I got my TK approved Feb. 15, 2020. The following Saturday, my wife and I did a dry at a small local con at a local high school to help their drama department.

It was just amazing the smiles I got, and how much everyone loved to see my stormtrooper there.


Then my son and I did 2 "unofficial" troop for a Sci-fi marathon at a family owned Drive-in Theater. We did it 2 of the 4 night they ran the movies, and it was amazing.

y4mJb6zMEDNVgjv4kXrDthS-7wk-DJiCEPBGc9Y9 y4mvPKMqrIyLqfJ6BNh0R6qtgMTsb_6_gnmWvThH


So even with COVID-19 ruining 2020, I still got 10 TK troops in (even if unofficially). The Garrison did get to "film" the Christmas Parade this year. We did it Halloween morning, and the aired it last week, but my TK is currently under going some repair, so I had to wear my TI Reserve. 


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Troop 8

Passion Community Church At the Movies-Powhatan

So much fun to be back in White Armor.

The kids were all amazed, and loved seeing us.

I haven't taken that many pictures in a while.


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Troop 9

We did a May the 4th event in Waynesboro @ Stable Craft Brewery. The event is called "May the Horse be with you".

They have done this event for several years now.  I had upgraded my shoulder bells and chest piece, but the shoulder bridges  on my new chest piece broke while getting dressed, so I had to revert to my old one (happy I brought the spare parts with).




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Troop 10

Clan Silvius traveled to Illinois to visit family for vacation and we took it as an opportunity to do our first out of Garrison Troop.

The Midwest Garrison folks in the Shorewood/Joliet area that hosted the event were amazing and we had a blast. 

We did a parade around the neighborhood and stopped to do group photos. It was awesome. So happy to have taken the opportunity.

y4mh-ZHb5rOCqYxFC5VFuLh_3JLr9m_51WQXKpnI y4mtcF39XYLlf4ryyWLXGuD9ze5L8Tb2C-quS9EG y4m4T7WzCRfun-LpKhhPyTuernQQMYjsK4xmz3hd 

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Nice work trooper, you have hit your first milestone, you can request a trooping award here 


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