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Amazon Aluminum E-11 Blaster Kit

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Hey all! Still pretty new here, but I am really curious about this blaster kit.



I have heard a lot of good things about similar aluminum blasters here on the forums (All of which is good) and from my understanding of the CRL seems to indicate it should be sufficient for higher levels?


I already have my armor ordered, and I decided to order a blaster from AM which will probably be my main trooping blaster (After BBB day of course) but for more intimate settings/shorter troops, I want to have a metal blaster that I assemble myself that *feels* real, that has weight to it.


I am just wondering if people here have taken this/similar blasters all the way to Centurion level , and their overall opinions on it. Would I need to buy additional parts such as T-Jay’s completion kit? Sorry for the longwinded question.


A plus side of this vendor is that I should be getting it a month before BBB so I can have something to keep my occupied until then.



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On 2/7/2020 at 5:23 PM, TheDecisiveRaindrop said:

I just noticed that this particular model doesn’t include the ammo counter and a few other greebles.

For higher levels—if you are doing A New Hope trooper—you will need the counter, power cylinders, and T tracks like you alluded being absent. Moreover it should be noted that the listing on Amazon doesn't seem to have a magazine?? So if you get this kit you will have to find one. There are plenty of options: I know Fieldmarshal has some, you can also find some excellent 3D files here for 3D printing as well (but if you are doing an all metal build, I'd recommend a real or metal replica magazine).



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