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SE-44C BUILD (The Imperial Factory)


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Having previously built a version of Germain’s awesome TFA SE-44C back in 2017 I was keen to upgrade to a TLJ version. The decision coincided with the approval of my TLJ kit, and an impending cast event for Disney/LFL.


Having seen the thread by Wilson of The Imperial Factory it was a no-brainer that I would buy one of their SLA kits, and once it arrived (very quickly I may add) I knew I had made the right decision.


The kit was well packed and arrived intact.




The detail of the kit was UNBELIEVABLE! I’ve bought some great prints before but nothing prepared me for the quality of this.




For preparation I did nothing more than give the parts a light rinse and dry prior to moving to the prime and paint stage, both of which laid down nice and smooth.




I decided to build the kit using the recommended springs, pins and screws to add the extra layer of detail to the blaster.




And as parts became finished I moved to the gluing and finishing stage.




I considered using some red Perspex for the small light, and also considered a Lego 2x1 piece but it is slightly oversized. Finally I settled on painting the piece with Toyota 3E5 Super Red - a colour I had lying around thanks to my Mudtrooper build. The colour looked great and gave the piece a nice punchy look against the black.




I had an aluminium bracket lying around which I had purchased some time ago. It was the perfect addition to an already fantastic kit. And once all the correct security tied screws had been added the blaster was ready to go.




Despite some challenging weather conditions including bushfire smoke and ash I was able to paint, build snd finish this kit within a matter of days. It was such a pleasure to build and I thoroughly enjoyed the process.


If I were to build this blaster again - and I’m tempted - I would definitely request the body of the pistol be supplied with the grip as a separate piece. It would make the painting process even easier.


So having completed this blaster I am now ready to update my F-11D, and there’s no question about who I’ll be using.


Between Germain’s design and The Imperial Factory’s quality product, it’s a truly winning combination.



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I agree, Wilson’s SLA printings are hands down the best! I have the pistol as well, and now the F-11D. Just waiting on the latest Blastfx kit before building. 
Absolutely minimal sanding if any at all...

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