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New From Stafford, VA


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Hello members of the 501st. I go by Fruit online so you can just call me that till I get to you know you. I have not applied for the 501st just yet cause I need to get my armor still. Only problem is that I'm a new guy that has a passion for star wars and cosplaying but has no experience in getting an armor kit ready for full use and so it can be approved.

I did read somewhere that you guys meet up and I'd have the chance to work on my armor along with some help from you guys so if that's true I'd love to do that and learn from the experts

On the topic of that, I'd like to know the easiest place to find out where and when you guys do these meetups. Is it just the calendar on the website?

Then on to the armor kit. I read through the people not to order from and I found a guy called 850Armorworks on Etsy and couldn't find his name on that list. If you guys could confirm or deny that he's a good source that would help me out a lot. I hope to go far in the 501st and see how many people I can make smile at the sight of me 

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Hello Jacob,


Welcome to FISD.


Have you check our vetted makers list?



Usually they are on Facebook by the same name, some of the them are active on this forum too.


Also you might want to get in touch with your local Garrison and see if they have a forum of their own or some sort of chat group for newbies where you can ask for the nearest physical help on building a suit.





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Hi Jacob and welcome to the FISD!  If you are looking for armor parties then I would suggest you sign up on the Garrison Tyranus forums.  They will be your home garrison once you are approved.  Then they may also give you assistance hands on.  Since you live in Stafford I'm assuming you will be near many members south of DC.  If you are looking for First Order armor then you should look into KB Props or Jimmiroquai.  They seem to be the two reliable first order vendors as of right now.  I believe you have to contact them both on facebook.  Good luck!

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Welcome from Garrison Tyranus and Inferno Squad (i.e. Northern Virginia) territory!


Here in NOVA we troop often and have a wide variety of trooping activities, and we encourage new members to gain experience as handlers before diving into their costume builds. We also host armor parties on a regular basis. We have 3 active FOTKs (out of 6 total in the garrison) here in NOVA, along with a ton of OT stormtroopers. Please be sure to sign up for an account on our forums. 




For more real time interaction, join our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1014990031897377/

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Hi Jacob, welcome to FISD.
Get signed up to GT, you have a great new contact there as per tkrestnova and having that kinda of local support is invaluable.
You have a good learning curve ahead of you as most of us did when we started out on our Stormtrooper costuming journey. It’s loads of fun, you will learn new skills and I am absolutely positive you will enjoy every step of the way.
Once again, welcome.

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Welcome to the FISD Jacob!


Definitely sign up with your local Garrison. They will give you some good hands on help. I also recommend helping wrangle some events with them. Especially if FOTK's will be there. You can get some advice ask questions and see what goes into putting those smiles on them faces.


Good Luck Future Trooper!:salute:

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Welcome to the FISD.  Which type of stormtrooper are you planning to build?  Different vendors will be recommended for different kits (or types of stormtroopers).  My advice is to stick to the vetted vendors list when you can - there are good reasons why some vendors are vetted and some are not.   


Also, my opinion is that 850 is "so-so" with their kits.  I have one of their DeathTrooper kits - I got it built and approved but I wouldn't go the 850 route again.  I don't know much about their First Order TKs.

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