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Hello from NM


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Hey everyone! So I am from New Mexico with Dewback Ridge Garrison. Been a while since I have done an introduction thread. But I used to have a OT ANH TK. I sold it to my older brother when I was having a difficult time with financials. But I am in the process of receiving a First Order TK from a friend for a good price. It has some work that needs to be done to it but I am excited to work on it. In the future I hope to have that ANH TK again. Can't wait to get started! Thanks!

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Hi Dustin,


Welcome again and good luck with the new armor and looking fordward to see your armor photos  and adjustment process. Here you can find tons of info and building threads and feel free to ask whatever you need .


Cheers  :salute:

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17 minutes ago, Scout23351 said:

Thanks! I appreciate it! Will do! This is my first time doing a completely white and shiny armor. I have a FO Snowtrooper kit from WTF I'm working on as well. 

Wow Amazing Dustin, good luck with your Snow also.


For your Fo TK Build you can check the following forum sections for tips.






Cheers   :salute:







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