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Darth147s R1 BUILD-Part of the SCG Group Build


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Decided to start my build thread im part of the socal garrison build group 

got a Jimmy flexible fiberglass kit




got the under suit taken in by a lot  might need a bit more


ended up cutting the top of the ab armor since it was way above my chest and dint allow for much movement 

might of gone too much but the chest and back covers everything so it will never be seen 




started doing the strapping 

used a pair of suspenders to hold the ab armor from falling 

the belt is temporary attached with Velcro but will use snaps later on

i like how it turned out 

i just slip the chest and back on 





attached the forearms with Velcro

they fit ok

i sanded off  the back of the cover strip so the Velcro wont stick out so much



thats it for now hopefully i get to work on it some more this weekend 

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Nice job, Art!  If there is one thing I could suggest, it would be to raise the cod.  As of now, it is sitting a bit low.  In looking at the reference pics note that the bottom of the cod sits above the inside thigh openings.  Well above them in some cases.  Looking forward to seeing the rest of your build!!  




        e2YcmfN.jpg?2   jiSjC2R.jpg?1    cP9Ai3A.jpg?1    SWYkp0y.jpg?1

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just a pic of how the suspenders support the ab/kidney armor



put everything on and since my shins arent closed to ready yet i used my ANH STUNT TK shins just to see how everything looks

the blue around my thighs is what i plan to cut since they are too long and wide 

need to cut the bottom of the crotch plate too



side view (not wearing my R1 pants)

the top of the under-suit sticks out the back a bit 

will prob have to be taken in a bit more



my butt plate looks uneven still



cut an inch off the top of  the legs but the first thigh (on left) was rough cut compare to the other one

the red mars is where i need to add more material to make it look (eyeball even)





put Velcro on the thighs to close 

and added the snaps yesterday so i can wear the thighs with the armor and see how they fit 



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Sanded most of the armor

going to put another coat of primer then ready for paint

need to reinforce the thighs a bit on the weak spots 

just need the chest and back besides the shins that i will do when i glue them together 

still debating what adhesive to use for the shins

other than that good days work

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  • Darth147 changed the title to Darth147s R1 BUILD-Part of the SCG Group Build

What did you attach the snaps to? I'm looking at the little rectangular pieces that the snaps are punched through, and I assume those are then adhered to the fiberglass. I don't want to drill into the fiberglass to punch snaps, so your method looks like my plan. I thought about some nylon/polypropylene webbing, but I don't know if that'll be too thick for 5/8" snaps.

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Don’t exactly know how thick .. I can measure later when I’m at work 

I also used the spares I had from trooperbay snaps 

Tandy line 24 snaps 

yeah I had issues with putting the snaps on 

Im not that good at snap setting 

some are really good and some I have to really press down on for it to lock 

ukswraths has a strapping system for FO TK that works with the R1 armor as well 

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use some fiberglass sheet to make the thighs stronger where there where soft spots

i would be able to push though it with my fingers after this no more 




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got to paint some parts 

the clear coat kinda messed it up a bit leaving some drop marks nothing too noticeable 

not perfect but i am not going to beat myself up about it too much



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wet sanded the parts i had put bondo putty on


my lil helper accidently dropped one of the ammo boxes and a good chunk broke off 





used some JB weld to fill and repair works pretty good for cracks as well

used it to repair the cracks i had on the chest and back


just a bit 

it sands off with some elbow grease

you can see on the bottom middle section of the chest a crack that has been filled and repaired 



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