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Ericnathan811 Requesting Pre Approval Review (CFO)


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Hello everyone, I'm so excited to present to you my recently finished armor!


My name is Eric Simon, and  my Armor is an ROTJ (armor is slightly weathered for Endor look). My future garrison will be the Wisconsin Garrison. The helmet/armor/belt are all CFO. The neck-seal is from trooperbay, and the boots are from a company called GRB (found on amazon). The blaster is just a hasbro painted black for now. I am going for basic approval; I started my build before the CRL changes and used but-joint method which was allowed for higher levels at the time, but now is not, so going any higher than basic isn't possible anymore.


I have a few concerns about the armor: my main concern is the weathering, it's not explicitly stated in the CRL, however it is seen in the ROTJ movie and I used this thread in the ROTJ section for it.

The second is the ears: yes, I know they are pretty rough, but I don't think it's within my ability to get it much better. I tried as best I could and sunk a lot of hours into them to get them where they are now. I'm really hoping it's good enough for basic approval.


Other than that, here are the pictures, I apologize if the lighting isn't the best:













And then heres a pic with my dad, who really helped me a lot in this build. If it wasn't for him teaching me how to use the tools, assisting me with every step when I needed it, and just enjoying the quality father-son time during the last year and a half with this build, theres no way this would even be finished. (This picture is from when I put on the armor for the first time, changes have been made since, don't use it for the pre approval process)




And finally this awesome picture just for fun!



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Hello Eric, congrats on finishing your armor and good luck for your pre-approval request.

Though not being a big fan of the ROTJ armor (just my personal taste), I really like your weathering and wouldn't worry about it. Added some weathering to my ANH Stunt TK (here and here) and it never was a problem - even not for reaching Centurion.

Thumbs up also for the quality time with your dad. :jc_doublethumbup:

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Nice job, Eric...  always fantastic to see another ROTJ headed toward the ranks!!  There are a couple of items I noticed which may affect your Basic approval.


1.  It may be the photo, but your belt looks to be made of canvas and a bit wider than the 2.5 inch maximum allowed for Basic.  For Level 1, it must be made of a tightly woven nylon/cordura material or covered with that material.


2.  Depending on your GML, they may ask you to align the kidney/ab plate connection.  Raising the kidney/posterior plate may do the trick.


Yy6ffJo.jpg    MvlDfpW.jpg?1  F2h1bEu.jpg?2  TgolDi5.jpg?1


3.  Again, it may depend on your GML. but your biceps are sitting pretty far down.  The shoulder bells should ideally overlap the tops (at least a bit).  A gap between the shoulder bell/chest plate is fine, especially on ROTJ as the bells are more pinched at the tops but the gaps should be nearly symmetrical on both sides for a better look.


GyKMLNl.jpg  EwfUxzb.jpg?1  K9lKga5.jpg?2


Not that it will affect approval, but if your belt does end up needing to be changed out, I suggest re-positioning the holster straps.


dFGDbLp.jpg      OobFjBS.jpg?2   gKPGAhg.jpg?1


Best of luck on your approval, and let us know when you get that official TK number!!  :salute: 


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Hi Erick, Glad to see your great build and the most important, the Father-Son time you have shared . Congratulations !!


Following what Joseph has suggested will asure you and easy pass for basic approval.


Good luck and hope to see your TK ID soon.





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21 hours ago, ImperialLoyalty342 said:

Looks good. I like the weathered look..


I’m also in Wisconsin garrison, which group are you in?

Not in one yet, this is my first set of armor! I’m not exactly sure what the groups are within Wisconsin Garrison yet. 

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1 hour ago, Ericnathan811 said:

Not in one yet, this is my first set of armor! I’m not exactly sure what the groups are within Wisconsin Garrison yet. 

Oh ok congratulations! I sent you a message, hoping to connect you with the rest of the garrison! 


All for the glory of the Empire!

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