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FernixBix Requesting Pre Approval Review (CFO-ROTJ)


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Hey Guys,

I have been working on this for the past couple months and would love to hear your thoughts. The Blaster is just a cheap one I found and painted just to have something to hold. I will apply for higher levels once I get a proper ROTJ style E-11 and white soles put on the boots as well.



1.  First/last name: Murray Walz

2.  Future Garrison: Canada: Badlands Garrison

3.  Armor maker: CFO

4.  Helmet maker: CFO

5.  Cloth belt maker: CFO

6.  Neck seal maker: Darmans Props

7.  Boot maker: Imperial Boots

8.  Blaster maker: None

9.  Height: 5’ 9”

10. Weight: 170 lbs

11. TK type: ROTJ





Front 2






Left 2






Right 2






Back 2



Action 1



Action 2



Bucket Off



Bucket Front



Bucket Left



Bucket Right



Bucket Back









Neck Seal



Knee 1



Knee 2












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Nice work, nothing major that stands out for basic approval but you could do just a couple of tweaks:


The chest plate appears to be sitting quite low, you don't have a lot of room between it and your ab plates. Thighs are at slightly different heights. 

pdS3PNB.jpgStar Wars  Return Of The Jedi replica movie prop


Shoulder bells are very round on the corners, not so much on the references, you could move them in a little too.

Star Wars Return of the Jedi Bluray Capture-23.jpg


You have quite a large gap between the ab and kidney, perhaps try tighter strapping, makes your cod stick out on the side photos. Also are the thigh rivets painted white?



You do have quite a large gap under the front bottom of the sniper plate, although this perhaps won't be seen in approval images ;) 



Helmet trap decal (above brow trim) isn't quite central to the recessed area, also on cheek. If applying for higher levels you may wish to paint so they fit into the recesses a little better.



Could also match both sides of paint on the vocoder



You may want to bring up the brow a little, most references show a little white under the brow



Ideally boot soles should be white/tan but for basic ok

hLf1zwO.jpg?1   ZIWbjxb.jpg?1


You may also be able to get your shoulder straps to sit down a little more on the back.

Some tighter strapping between the back plate and kidney.

Belt and TD could come up a bit. One other thing is your right thigh appears the overlap is showing slightly open, ideally you should overlap outside over inside so no gap is seen from the outside.




Once again great work and good luck with approval


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Impressive set of armor!


Just one thing, you might want to paint your shoes sole white if you want a more authentic ROTJ look or aiming for a higher level above basic approval (black is ok for basic).

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On 11/9/2019 at 9:45 PM, gmrhodes13 said:

You do have quite a large gap under the front bottom of the sniper plate, although this perhaps won't be seen in approval images ;) 




I'm guessing he's trying to make the knee plate ridge line up with top of the shin which is what I believe is an FISD requirement?


They most definitely do not line up with the shin ridge - no Stormtrooper armour does. Since the ROTJ knee plates are held on with single cap rivets, the front plate angles away from the shin - opposite to how this is angled.





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Hey Guys thanks for the advice. This was the first time suiting up so I expected to have to make changes. Have have tightened up and tweaked the internal strapping and hope to get a more accurate look.  


TM hit the nail on the head,  "OPTIONAL Level two certification (if applicable):  Sniper knee plate must be aligned with the ridges on the shin."

Going off the CRL the the only way I could get the  knee plate ridges to line up with the shin was to have the big gap at the bottom. I have reattached it and closed the gap but now the ridges don't line up.  I am shooting for as screen accurate as possible, ill just wait for the CRL to be updated to reflect screen accuracy before applying for  EIB and Centurion.  


I am going to have the boots resoled with white soles so I don't have to worry about painting them every 2nd or 3rd troop.



I sent the same photos in for basic approval at the same time as creating this post and I was approved!! First approved ROTJ-TK  for the Badlands Garrison.  


I will post updated pictures the next time I suit up.





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Great news, congratulations trooper and welcome to the ranks.


Suppling references of the sniper plate when you apply for EIB and Centurion will help the DO's and shouldn't be a hold up for approval, not sure when the next ROTJ CRL updates will happen as the OT series went through some updates not so long ago. 


As always the CRL's are a work in progress, as you may notice white/tan soles aren't even a photo reference on the CRL, one of many things still requiring update.


Just to your helmet, a lot of helmets had a small amount of white showing under the brow, with your helmet it looks as if you have a droopy/winky look as the trim is a bit lower on the right eye ;) 


Once again congratulations


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