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Hey guys! Newbie here. I’ve been looking for a FOTK TLJ helmet and came across several ‘still in the box’ Anovos ones on eBay. Seems odd there are so many just floating around for sale.


So far as  I understand, there are a few different Anovos helmets out there. 


There’s the premier helmet (basically an ABS standard helmet with padding, liner, and upgraded metal parts), the 501st line (fiberglass), and the standard helmet (with a hard hat rig and no liner). 


But then I see this one: the box wording is different. Most all other ‘standard’ helmets say ‘First Order Stormtrooper Helmet’ on the box. 


This one says ‘First Order Stormtrooper Standard Helmet’ and it has a liner. I’ve looked everywhere I can online and can’t reference this exact helmet anywhere. Did Anovos do a run of TLJ standards buckets with liners? Are the one’s at Galaxy’s Edge any different than the others?


He has great reviews. Has sold 9 and has 4 more available.




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Depending on version and date of production there is different wording.


That is a TLJ version helmet which until recently you could purchase from Big Bad Toy Store for $225 and $4 shipping, but they ran out and have now increased the price to $349 and are now pre order https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/65435.


Both Galaxy Edge helmets and those available elsewhere do have the inner lining, earlier TFA helmets did not. 


Many people fed up with waiting have been selling off their helmets and you may see those around too.


There is also a premier line which is fiberglass but very expensive

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