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[21] TK-46007 Troop Log

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1. 12/12/2015 Snowball express

2. 12/14/2015 Wes's Wish Toy drive at CHKD

3. 12/17/2015 Force Awakens Movie Premier

4. 6/18/2016 Houston Dynamo

5. 11/24/2016 HEB Thanksgiving Day Parade

6. 12/15/2016 Rogue One Movie Premier

7. 2/18/2017 Mardi Gras Day Parade

8. 1/28/2018 Special Needs Mardi Gras Ball

9. 5/19/2019 Cub Scouts End of Year Party

10. 5/19/2019 Comicpalooza

11. 2/16/2019 Blue and Gold Pack Event

12. 3/3/2019 Mardi Gras Special Needs Ball

13.  3/24/2019 A New Hope Symphony Concert

14. 5/3/2019 OMEGA Spring Ball

15. 5/4/2019 Goodwill Gala

16. 5/17/2019 Juan Seguin Kindergarten Reads Day

17. 6/15/2019 Weird Al Concert

18. 7/4/2019 City of Jersey Village 4th of July Day Parade

19. 7/20/2019 50th Anniversary of Moon Landing Houston Science Museum

20. 7/31/2019 Jedi Training Academy

21. 10/15/2019 Balloon Fiesta 


Pictures will be coming eventually. 

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Could you please adjust the heading of your trooper log to include number of troops ie:


Troop log title examples:


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