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(SOLVED) How do I edit topic title?


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Up until this weekend, I have been able to edit my topic title.  That is why I put the number of troops completed in parenthesis at the end.  However, I tried to update this weekend and again today 9 to 10 and it will not let me edit this.  It asks for a password to edit and I assumed it was my board password, but it does not recognize this password. I am wondering if the board permissions have changed and it takes an admin password to edit titles now.   If that is the case, who can I talk to in order to remove # troops at the end of title  OR what am I doing wrong that I cannot edit title?  Maybe I am trying to edit in the wrong place?  


Help, please!


Michael Rose


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10 minutes ago, TK20187 said:

Best to log onto the forum via a PC (Not tapatalk), then hold the mouse on the title, left click and hold.

The title should be editable so you can make your changes.

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Thanks! I knew I had figured it out before.  I just couldn't for the life of me figure it out again.

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