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tsongololo Requesting Pre-Approval - RS (mostly)


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Might as well get the ball rolling even though I don't have all the pictures yet.



1.  First/last name     Jennifer Foreman

2.  Future Garrison/Squad/Outpost or local area     Golden Gate

3.  Armor maker     RS (except for left shin - ATA)

4.  Helmet maker     ATA

5.  Cloth belt maker     SELF

6.  Neck seal maker     SELF

7.  Boot maker     Miko Lotti dyed white

9.  Blaster maker (if applicable   None yet - hopefully soon

10.  Gasket maker (if applicable)     N/A

11.  Height  (optional)     5' 3"

12.  weight (optional)     125

13.  TK type (ANH Stunt/Hero. ESB, ROTJ. TFA etc.)     ANH Stunt

14.  Name(s) of any Trooper(s) who significantly helped with your build. Shout-out to Cricket/Christine for fastener help!



1.  Front view (arms down) 

2.  Back view (arms down) 

3.  Left side (arms raised)

4.  Right side (arms raised)   

Pending someone to actually take the photos -


5.  Ab plate close-up   



6.  Helmet close-up (front, left and right sides) 





7.  Detail photos of any parts you have questions on  

I assume the traps are up to snuff now -



8.  Interior strapping (optional)   



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UPDATE with more photos!


















Abdomen Detail:



Action Shot:



Fairly good neck seal and shoulder strap:




There are some things I noticed -

Need to trim the threads off the belt

Belt sitting a tad too low in the center

Forgot to paint the bracket screws on bottom of chest

Need to tighten up the belt - thighs now look a little low. The right one feels like it might need more trimming.

Chest looks wide, but I'm not sure it is, since it seems to conform to the ab, and the ab fits me well.

Paint coming off ab/kidney rivet


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A dot of Velcro *should* do the trick on the belt, & I touched up the screws/rivets with white paint. I trimmed the right thigh a bit, and cinching up the garter should hold them a little higher.


But the shoulder bells bother me the way they match with the chest plate. Either I can avoid holding my arms so close to my body, or trim. But should I trim the bells, or the chest? If the chest, where? Or more importantly, where DON'T I trim?

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Nice build, a couple of things you could tweak


Brow trim is a little wonky, looks like you have a tube tripe or tape under the front edge of the ear, teeth paint is a little wide 

GxzKemE.jpgxv2CeOO.jpg s4AllTr.jpg?1


Traps lines are a little wobbly 

GxzKemE.jpg iHKIiAx.jpg?1CfQXTQB.jpg


Could trim your smaller ab plate a little, appears you over trimmed then applied a new plate for the larger ab plate, perhaps try to get rid of the join, abs paste or silicon.



Boot strap hanging out back of shin



Wouldn't hurt to bring your arms out a little for photos, they do appear tucked in. I wouldn't trim the bells until you troop and see what catches and how much movement you have.


Just note you do help your GML's job if you submit full length images using a blank backround / all same color ;) 



Remember these are just suggestions and ultimately the decision is up to your GML 

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gmrhodes, Thank you for the input! I redid the stripes, and they're a little better. I can't paint a straight line to save my life! Redid the brow a bit, and removed the offending wire tip poking out from the ear. Also took the paint down on the teeth:





I also reworked the ab plates:


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