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Field Exercise Awards -- Post your milestones here


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2 hours ago, Hotel said:

Just counted up, see that I am at 34 as of last weekend. Can I request my "25" badge?

You may if you post a link to your troop log here as per the instructions ;) 

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11 troops in and loving it! :D Requesting 10-Troop badge, please and thank you!

Milestone and troop log:

10th troop date and event: July 8th, 2019 - Weird Al "Strings Attached" Tour, Budweiser Stage, Toronto, ON

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1 hour ago, ccand8 said:

Just hit my first 10. Next few already lined up for next month.

Please create a troop log in this thread  https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/13-field-training-exercises/

Once done, simply place a link back to it in this very thread so I can add your Troop badge :)

Don't forget to have a total number of troops in the title eg. [10]


Happy Troopin

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4 minutes ago, DeathTrap said:

50 in TK for me.


You need to have an active troop log here on the FISD forums and link to it once you reach a milestone:




Instructions here: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/47869-field-exercise-awards-how-to-track-your-progress/


"Simply start (or update!) your troop log, keep the running total in the title, and post (at least!) a date and name for the official 501st event where you wore your TK!"

For example:

Thread title: [5] TK-20466 Troop Log


  • 1/1/2017 -- Polar Plunge in West Haven CT
  • 2/2/2017 -- Parade in New Haven CT
  • 6/12/2018 -- ConnectiCon Convention in Hartford CT
  • 8/19/2018 -- Cool Comic Convention in Boston MA
  • 4/21/2019 -- Library Reads Event in Wallingford CT

Troop log title examples:


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17 minutes ago, Lascer said:

15 troops so far


You need to post a link to your troop log 

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