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The Mandalorian Helmet Build

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Hey everyone!

Sit down, relax, put your feet up, maybe heat up some microwave Womp Rats, cause this is going to be a long, but fun one!

After watching the new The Mandalorian trailer, I decided that, wow, that silver helmet looks sick!

So, I will be starting with a Pepikura Boba Fett helmet and converting it to a Mandalorian helmet, bondo-ing and sanding it to get it smooth, and finally, will be making a resin cast of the helmet. And then, of course, the beautiful silver paint.

For the Pepikura helmet, I have it scaled down about 10%, mostly because my printer would cut off pieces, but also because the Mandalorian's helmet looks a bit smaller than Boba's helmet.

I will be making the ears and the forehead crest(for lack of a better name) from scratch, first out of paper, then to bondo etc.

So, lets get to it!







I will be updating as fast as I can but, I am also working on my ANH TK right now as well, and this is just a side project. Also I do not have very much experience with bondo or resin yet.


Until next time

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Hey everyone!

Here is a quick update.


I have done some pretty heavy mods already to this helmet, but it is already starting to take shape.

First, here are some reference images I am using.




Next, I have the cheeks cut out to give them a more accurate shape.




Here is a shot of the ear details made by me.



And I also added the forehead crest.



That's pretty much it for this update.


Until next time








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Hey everyone!

Although I have not gotten much traffic here,(which makes perfect sense as this forum is dedicated to stormtroopers, not mandalorians) I will continue to post updates on my thread here. I may end up moving this thread to the Bounty Hunters Guild forum.

But for now, it is here to stay. So, onto the progress report!

I have done a complete overhaul of the old pieces, as they were inaccurate and needed a change.



I also made custom keyhole slots for the back of the helmet as seen here.



I have also updated the forehead crest.



And that is pretty much it. Soon I will be applying the first coat of fiberglass resin.


Until next time

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13 hours ago, CaitnessCo said:

Fascinating...  this pattern looks remarkably like the wizard of lights pattern from The Dented Helmet. I've been trying to use it myself. He seems to have stopped updating his progress there so it is helpful to see how yours has come together!

Yes, it it that pattern. It’s quite a good model, especially if you would like to mod it!

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On 4/26/2020 at 5:20 PM, Trooperman said:

Please dont take this the wrong way i like what you are going for, but would it not be better to print onto a thicker card?

The paper looks super flimsy, this could course a problem early on! 


Yeah, in hindsight it probably would have been a good idea to print on thicker card stock. But unfortunately this project has been abandoned, and replaced with a 3D printed version. I’ll post up some pics once the project is finished.

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38 minutes ago, Jinjer said:

Hi, I was looking for a mandalorian template that I can print. Is yours available? 

I found this free Mandalorian helmet version, link is here https://gumroad.com/l/dmUJf


Video here


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