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Book Week at Dianella Secondary College

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TROOP: Book Week at Dianella Secondary College

LOCATION: Dianella Secondary College

ADDRESS: 180 Nollamara Ave, DIANELLA

DATE: Friday 23rd August

Arrival: 12.30 pm
Troop: 1pm - 2.30pm

LANDSCAPE/WEATHER: Library and classrooms.

TK85421 - Q - gmrhodes13
TK59226 - Jerry - jezzapm
TI98311 - Peter - Flocky
TI47140 - Jason - tantaris

REPORT: Arriving at the landing pad Pincer Flight and Fire Team Stinger headed in for security and ID checks. (WWCC scanned and entered into records)


We geared up and had already impressed the main office staff walking out the change room, as many photos were taken regardless of the no phones to be used sign.

We headed off to scout the library for our appearance before being directed to go to class rooms and conduct checks of the students. A few literally ran and screamed and fell to the floor in the corner of the room (obviously rebels). Other imperial students were Impressed by the imperial might of Fire Team Stinger troopers and Pincer Flight pilots.

We headed back to the library where we found Jedi training manuals so we could learn their tactics to beat them and history books of the Empire. Staff had photos before lunch time came and the students poured in for photos and costume judging of year 7 to 12 students. Everyone very impressed with our efforts. A jedi and Tusken were held at bay by the Garrison. A surprise at the end for Trooper TK59226 as TK85421 had organised birthday cake for the birthday trooper.

Time to exfil and we went back to the main office for more photos and when we changed we were treated to an absolutely delicious lunch made by the students and a gift from the school of a mug and pen.


INJURIES: Stairs carefully negotiated by all troopers. No incidents.


HAPPY PEOPLE: School staff and students extremely happy and appreciative of our efforts. Troopers fed and given gifts.


MISSION STATUS: Sector cleared.







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