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DZFireMedic HWT Build (Moved to Sub-Forum) *can delete*


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Welcome all.


So I’ve discovered this new addiction. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this as well. So I’m only a handful of troops in and I’m already trying to upgrade, add ons, and looking at other builds. I’m looking to add more of a variety for trooping so I’m happy that the HWT makes that a possibility. I’m currently very close to what’s needed for my ANH Stunt TK EIB submission so I figured I’d order a few things and post up as they come in and some WIP on my DIY backpack. (Thanks again UKSWrath!) I’m either as tall as or taller than several of the Vader’s in my squad and there’s quite a noticeable height difference among myself and some other TKs as well so I’m hoping the extra bulk will help fill me out more and hopefully live up to the “heavy” in HWT. Thanks!



Orange Pauldron (TrooperBay)

DLT19 (Praetorian)

New Canvas Belt (TrooperBay)

Oil catch pan for backpack

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Hey Derek glad to hear you're enjoying your TK journey. HWT is a small group of elite troopers and were looking forward to seeing added to the ranks. Let us know if there's anything we can do to help you get there.  

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