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Thermal detonator/backpack loophole?


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So I just got my HWT approved after some upgrading on my TK.


I was scanning the CRL though and noticed the little note at the bottom of the Optional thermal detonator...




So, it seems to me that having the backpack IS mandatory for approval... BUT you may then choose to troop WITHOUT the backpack IF you wear a thermal detonator?


Thats what I am getting from that text. Yay or nay?





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Here is my take on this, and I'm glad you brought this up.


As per the CRL, the pack is mandatory, as it is not listed in the "Options" area so this can obviously be confusing.   While some HWTs have the room to wear a TD, most do not because of the room that a pack takes up on the back.  The TD does NOT take the place of a pack.


In the past,  I have seen those who identify as a HWT simply because they carry a T-21 and have a few pouches.  This is NOT a HWT, which is why we changed the CRLs .


The argument came up that "Well, not all Sandies wear packs".  Well, HWTs are not Sandies.  We wear packs.  Period.  If built to specs, they weigh less than 4-6 pounds, so wearing them for extended periods is no problem.


Becoming a Heavy Weapons Trooper is not inexpensive because of the additional costs of the pack build and accessories, but I feel it's worth it.


I will be requesting a change in the HWT CRLs to eliminate the TD entirely, so please take note.  If there is anything I can do to help you with your HWT build or any questions you may have, please feel free to PM me!!





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Ok thanks.

I do have the pack, I just got approved for HWT in my Starkiller Garrison. I guess I should make a ‘reporting for duty’ post.

The semantics looked to me like you could swap out the pack in lieu of the TD ... as long as you actually HAVE a pack.

I could envision times where leaving the pack in the dressing room could be advantageous, such as a tight-quarters setting (like the tiny library I just trooped) or if you found yourself having to get geared up with no help.

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