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I've got my armour kit and loads of bits for my E11 Blaster.  Have decided to have a go at building the blaster first, so this is my build thread for that.  Not really done anything like this before so lets see how this goes!


First off these are nearly all my bits and pieces.  Started off with a Doopy Doo's kit then bought various add-ons.  I blame the internet, read too much!  Bits include:


- BlastFX electronics kit

- Tino's E11 completion kit

- Various 3D printed parts from Lee McCormack

- Some more 3D printed bits from Swpropman in the US on eBay

- Replica Sterling Foldable Stock




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I decided to start with the handle, grinding out some of the fake screws and replacing them with parts from Toni’s kit. Stopped there as I remembered reading online that I should have washed all the Doopy Doos bits in soapy water. So will do that before I do the next bit which is to grind out the space for the trigger and switch electronics.


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You can totally fix the screws permanently! I just used some glue in the threads of the screws to secure them.


For a better looking blaster I would recommend painting the various parts separately and then attaching them. When I built my first blaster I painted after I had assembled it and it was tough getting paint into some crevices.


Good luck on the build, this is going to be a great build!

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