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Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for E-11 blaster builders or sellers? Seen many on Etsy and other sites just not sure who to trust since this is my first build.

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Hi Christopher,

There quite a bit out there these days. To help get the most feedback, you might want to try posting this in the “weapons locker”.

Personally, I went with modifying a doopydoos kit. This resin kit is low cost but is pretty detailed. To take it above and beyond, many builders opt for “T-Jay’s completion set” which includes many upgrade parts to make it more realistic.

3D printed ‘can’ be an option, however, they require a lot of sanding to make them look decent. Many just print and paint and these look a little rough, to my eyes.

If you wanted a rubber blaster, Praetorian Blasters and Sheartech would be two that I would consider.

Here’s a link to my own Doopydoos E-11 with the T-Jay’s completion set, if it helps. :-)

Best wishes
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3 hours ago, CableGuy said:

Many just print and paint and these look a little rough, to my eyes. 

With the CRL changes now in affect 3D printed blasters needs to be sanded smooth at L2:)

My go-to advise is always Imperial Warfighters on FB, they have a great looking rubber E-11 at a very good price. However, the owner just suffered a tragic loss of his wife so I’m not sure he’s taking orders at the moment.

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