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Skookumshot Requesting Pre Approval Review (AP)

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Future Garrison: Outer Rim Garrison
Armour maker: AP
Helmet maker: AP
Cloth belt maker: AP
Neck seal maker: Geeky Pink
Boot maker: Imperial Boots
Blaster maker: Quest Design Canada
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 185 Lbs
TK type: ANH Stunt
Names of any Troopers who significantly helped with your build.
Nobody physically helped me, but I got tons of help in my build thread.
At the risk of leaving someone out, these troopers were a huge help:
and many more.













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Great work, just watch the angle of your ab plate looks a little slanted. Apart from that I don't see anything that should hold you up for basic approval.


Looking forward to see you post your TKID????? good luck

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Thanks for the feedback.  I see what you mean about the ab plate.  I have mild scoliosis, so standing so my head and torso are aligned is difficult if I'm not looking in a mirror.  With a bit of stretching I can get pretty straight.  Here's a better shot where my wife helped me with my posture.



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I can't see a thing holding you back from Basic approval, Andrew.  GREAT job on that armor! :duim:   Once you get your official TK# I can see you taking that kit all the way to Centurion.

If you decide to aim for that, there are a few small items (super easy) that will get you there.  One that jumps out is the ABS belt placement as Daniel mentioned.  In your first photo it looks pretty good, but in the last one it looks a bit low.


    AQVbxzK.jpg?1    tLgRQXc.jpg


I noticed that in the front of your ab plate that it appears you have no snaps or Velcro to hold it in place.  If you can't install snaps, a couple of strips of Velcro attached to the cloth belt and ab plate would keep it in place,




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1 minute ago, Bazz said:

Just like joseph told you, I also use velcro to repositioning my belt 

it already looks great bro ! 

I did the velcro today and it feels solid.  No more sagging because of the blaster.  Thanks for the advice guys.

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6 hours ago, Coastertk said:

You’ll make a fine addition to the ORG!! Looking forward to trooping with you real soon. I’d say good luck with your approval, but you don’t need it. 

Thanks.  I see you're in Pitt Meadows.  Cool! Great to know there's someone nearby.

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