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Helotech SDS Hero build

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The same is being done for the bottom of thighs.



Left and right bicep are the next pieces. to be worked on. They were cover strip attachment on bock and glued on front. I had a tough time cutting apart the front piece to add covers strips.





I also removed the logo's from my undersuit. The one on the back of the neck would have been covered by my neck seal, but it was easy to do. Goo Gone is your friend!

I thought these logo's were painted on, but they were actually some sort of fine metallic sticker. Came off really easy and only left a fine outline of the lettering and logo.


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Lol Han Solo action figure

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I took a look at some further screen shots and it seems like the little elastics on the shoulders don’t need to be over the back armor shoulder tabs. They can ride forward and simply hold the shoulder cover pieces to the white elastic strap underneath.

Hopefully more pics tonight.

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Oh happy days!


There is nothing like coming home from work and seeing the a box that contains armor parts! :)


The final replacement (for SDS parts) components for my armor arrived from ATA.

Excellent and very quick service. Thanks to them.

I ordered bran new designed Hero ear pieces, a thigh ammo belt, and two plain ABS sheets to used as inside cover strips for extra support.

Now I just have to learn how to trim brand new components from the sheets. Haven't done that yet.






Heading on vacation for the next 5 days, so no updates for a while.

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Is that his name? Couldn't find it anywhere.:unsure:


The thigh ammo pack or ear pieces don't have any cut or trim lines. I've just been searching for about an hour and can't find any references on how much to trim on the thigh piece.

  1. Should I just trim where the ABS starts to round over from the flat where the ammo packs are?
  2. Is the Ammo strip the correct length, or will it need to be shortened? I guess I can compare this to my current one.
  3. Looking for hole attachment hole location measurements
  4. Also looking for the radius of the bottom edge.



A comparison between the SDS and ATA. The ATA ammo pouches are more squat and wider.


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Top/bottom - cut within 1/8" of the boxes.

Length - Take a look at some Centurion application.

Radius - free hand or tin can

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