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RSPropmasters Legit? Worth it?


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It looks like an RS Prop kit although it does appear it was assembled using the overlap method rather than but joint with cover strips. This kit also doesn't fit the wearer as well as it could and may not fit you the best either. If those limbs aren't joined as per the CRL it will need to be pulled apart and assembled correctly to gain 501st approval specially if you intend to aim for Expert infantry and Centurion.

If its assembled with E6000, that is a very possible thing to do, but if it is assembled with CA glue, it would be quite difficult to pull apart and you risk damaging the parts.

If they are in fact cover strips on the shins thighs and fore arms, they look awfully wide and would need to be replaced with narrower versions.

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I've been trooping in an ATA for 7 years, just updated to my spare kit which has just been built so hopefully will keep going for another 7 years. My first ATA did get a couple of cracks from air transport that and some of the glue yellowed, which most didn't notice but I did, converted that set to a Sandtrooper which is now approved also.


For other armor head to the Getting Started section, you'll find a thread on "vetted sellers"


I'd also say no to a second hand set, you may very well have to modify it to your frame and if that's the case you may as well start from scratch.


Good luck on what ever you decide. 

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