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Starry Night Fete


Location: Beeliar 


Date: 11/05/19


Time: 18.30 to 19.30


Landscape/Weather: Outdoor/Fine


TK85421 - gmrhodes13 - Glen
TK59226 - jezzapm - Jerry
SL51164 - DV64 - Stuart






Several of us had trooped earlier so we made our way to this troop with a Dome stopover where I had a large mocha, ham and cheese toastie with no butter, ending on apple pie with cream and ice cream, was then ready to troop.


Arrived a little early however our timing had us enter the event after the 6pm start so we were met with a large enthusiastic crowd as we made our way around the school grounds. We were very warmly welcomed with lots of photo requests and questions.After an hour we had finished our rounds so we made a timely exit, a short troop yet an enjoyable troop.


Charity: N/A as this was already a fund raising event


Injuries: N/A


Armour repair: N/A


Happy people: Lots plus we were provided parking just outside our change room location, thanks Q for the cone removal on the

way in and Marie for come removal on way out.This made me very happy.


Unhappy people: I did not see one


Mission status: Complete


Report by Stuart








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