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TK32945 requesting ANH Stunt Centurion status [RWA] (433)

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Name; Wayne Winfield

Username; Waynocerous

TK32945 UK Garrison


Armour; RWA 1.5mm

Helmet; RWA

Blaster; Doopydoos and T-Jays finishing kit


Height; 5’8”

Weight 174lbs

Boots; Imperial Boots

Belt; RWA

Hand plates; ISD latex

Neck seal; ISD

Holster; ISD


EIB request thread;






Many thanks for yr consideration



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Nice work trooper, a couple of other pics you may need.

D ring

Sniper plate photos of the sides should be direct side on so the angle behind the sniper plate can be seen.



Side of ab/kidney showing all rivets

Bottom ear screw

You also have a little paint on the gum areas, paint should not leave the teeth






A few things you could tweak to really shine:

Belt could come up a little higher, usually sits just under the last ab button




Mic tip front edges could be painted white



Ideally there is a little white seen under the brow trim, the lower brow is more Hero style





Good luck with approval 

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  • TheSwede changed the title to TK32945 requesting ANH Stunt Centurion status [RWA] (In review)

Hi again Wayne - let´s get you approved shall we:salute:

CRL and Centurion Application Requirements:

All required submission photos are present and we like to thank you for making the changes suggested in your EIB application. You have a great looking set of armor and on behalf of the D.O team we are pleased to welcome you to the rank of Centurion.  Congratulations!  :th_AnimatedBravoSmiley:


Other-Armor Fit/Assembly:

In this area we discuss any areas still needing some improvement. Although they did not hold you back from Centurion, at this level it's all about the small details that will really make your armor look it´s best.


Let´s dive in!

Starting with the helmet and as mentioned, the brow trim could stand to come up a bit as most Stunts had some white showing between the eyes and brow.



Next we have the mic tips and we see you replaced the mesh to a more accurate style which is great but you also pushed those a bit to far in as the previous ones so the suggestion to place them closer to the edge remains. If you decide to move them don´t be afraid to scratch the rims as that would only be a good thing as seen in the reference image:duim:



Moving on to the back plate we suggest you look into the strapping as it appears to be a slight overlap, which is fine but as Centurion is the highest level we wanted to make you aware as we feel this would make your great looking armor even more perfect.



Same goes for the belt and by the looks of things it´s as simple as just lifting it up and the pressure against the button plates should hold it but there´s always an option to use velcro if needed.



That´s it! As mentioned you already have a great looking set of armor to be proud of and by considering these suggestions you would look even more awesome - welcome to the rank of Centurion:salute:

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  • TheSwede changed the title to TK32945 requesting ANH Stunt Centurion status [RWA] (433)
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