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Eddie Wang Requesting Pre Approval Review (Anovos)

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Name : Eddie Wang

501st ID : 83126

FISD forun name : Eddie Wang

Garrison : Chinese Garrison

501st Profile : https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=15319


Armor : Anovos (kit)

Helmet : Anovos (kit)

Blaster : Hasbro+self made


Height : 171cm

Weight : 75kg

Boots : TKBoots

Canvas Belt : self made

Hand Plates : TrooperBay

Neck Seal : Anovos

Holster : Anovos
























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Fantastic job!  Easy basic pass!  I also spy some Centurion elements in there- are you going for it?


I have just a few totally nit-picky notes, which undoubtedly they will catch if you go Centurion (because that's just what we do).  I would move the dome/black strip down just a smidge on the face.  There's a bit more of a gap that we see in the CRL reference photos.


It appears your belt box on the left could be pushed over just a smidge as well, to completely line up with the end of the belt, like the right side does.  It could also be the angle of the photo.


I'd also recommend reinforcing the bracket strapping system- not for accuracy but for longevity.  You can do this on the inside so you preserve the bracket look, but add strength and support.  I'd do a nylon webbing and Tandy (or equivalent) snaps, as I've seen the brackets just rip through the armor and require repairs quite quickly.

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Nice work, a couple of other things that will really make you shine:


Tube stripes should ideally be a pencil width from the cheek.

Some of your black lines on the helmet are a little thin, now if you want to cheat (shhhh) you could use a permanent marker to go over them.

You could also remove a little of the grey from the teeth area, the grey should not go on the gums.

Also to stop the butt plate from flaring backwards you could try tighter elastic, if that doesn't work I add a couple of strips of bent ABS behind and glue, still allows movement.



Good luck and hope to see your approval soon.


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