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NZ ESB Build RS Props

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Hi Guys,


Before Christmas I purchased a used set of RS Props PVC ANH armour from a member of my garrison with the intention of turning it into ESB TK.  I have long been a fan of ESB TK's and used to have a Snowy. My first approved costume was a TK ten years ago, so have come full circle.


I have finished this build and am going to trial it at an event tomorrow and get some approval photos taken as well.


Here's a photo of the helmet completed once I removed the ANH paint job and added the ESB decals and black frown.




I am really loving this kit. I love how the helmet has the old bumps and imperfections from the originals. Also being PVC the armor is so light and durable.


I will post some photos of the full armour when I have them.





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Here's a few photos from my debut troop in the armour.










Overall no major issues. The kit is super light to wear and not at all uncomfortable. I noticed however that looking the the photos my harness belt wasnt on correctly which is why my thighs arent sitting correctly. :)


I am planning on getting more accurate gloves either rubber or silk ones.


Happy to receive any feedback.




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Looking great, Scott. How did you first troop go? Enjoy it?? :-)

Just as you mentioned feedback, aside from the thighs that you mentioned, you could consider shorting the TD clips - at the moment, they protrude some what below your canvas belt;


This is an ANH reference but you get the gist. :-)

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Thanks for the suggestion. I will shorten the clips. I hadnt thought of it but as its on my back I wouldnt seen it. It wasnt my first troop as such as I have been trooping for 10 years but it was he first in this armour.


The event was a visit to Ronald McDonald House as its Easter where we gave away chocolate eggs, did colouring in with the children and handed out prizes.



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After some new photos, got the thumbs up from my GML. APPROVED!




Super excited to be a part of this detachment again. Now can look at going a higher level.



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