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Best E-11 ANH blaster for adding BlastFX

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Help!! My head is swimming with soooo much info. Yes I’m a noob. I am looking to build an E-11 ANH blaster for Centurion level. I will be adding BlastFX electronics so I need something that is mostly hollow including the barrel so the lights show up at the front. I was going to go with a Rubies but it isn’t approvable. This is what I’m looking to do, just with an approval blaster.


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Hi Brian!  Unfortunately, you may be limited to what type of kit you can use.  The Doopydoos (link below) Hengstler counter is solid resin, but can be hollowed out with a bit lot of work and a Dremel tool and the right bits, and the scope can be hollowed out (to a point) as well. The barrell is also quite thick (but somewhat hollow) and would be more of a challenge.

A 3D printed kit may be your best option, but will require a lot of sanding/filling to eliminate the print lines (very important, trust me).


Just be sure that there are no obvious on/off switches as seen in the video.  Since the electronics are installed in parts that are held on with screws, if it were me I would wait until after you get approved at Centurion to add them.  The reason being is that for level 3 we are looking for the "ideal" weapon, and although the additions are definitely cool, they were not seen/used in the original films.


You may be a "noob" (I prefer the term "future trooper) but that's what we are here for, so please feel free to ask any and all questions you may have... it's what we do here!



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Good question. Might be worth posting this question over on the BlastFX Facebook page as well. I’ve seen many modded E-11s there so you’ll get some sound advice.


There seems to be a few SDS Blasters being fitted with BlastFX. However, whilst the kit fits well into this blaster, by the seem of it, just take a close look at the SDS before committing to it. There are quite a few areas that differ quite a bit from screen used, such as the muzzle, front sight, t-tracks, scope rail, power cylinders, magazine etc.


A pipe build could be a consideration. Or, if you fancy a REAL masterpiece, check out the blaster kit offered by Chris “Fieldmarshal” here on FISD, Facebook or Ebay. His blaster is stunning!!




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