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Darth147 - Requesting TK Pre-Approval (anovos)


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1. Name: Art Espinoza

2. Future Garrison: SoCal Garrison

3. Armor Maker: Anovos

4. Helmet Maker: Anovos

5. Cloth Belt Maker: Anovos

6. Neck Seal Maker: Anovos

7. Boot Maker: Imperial Boots

8. Height: 6’2"

9. Weight:  190 lbs

10. TK type: ANH Stunt








right side:



left side:



no helmet:



another front:


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Looking pretty sharp there, Art!  Speaking strictly from a basic approval standpoint, overall there are no big issues.  Your GML may ask you to replace the canvas belt, as even though it looks as if you have removed the top screws that hold the holster on the holes remain.

They may also mention that your forearms could come up a bit to close the gap between the them and the bicep.


You have done a great job of fitting this armor, especially as you are a bit taller than the average trooper, and should you wish to apply for Expert Infantry there are a few items that would need to be addressed but nothing insurmountable I assure you.


Though again, not required, I would suggest painting the ab/kidney rivets white.

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Nice work, thighs could come up a little and I'd suggest added some foam behind your sniper plate, will help to stop it catching no the thighs, looks very close.

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The pinching can have a lot to do with how exactly you strap. If you place those straps just right instead of pinching they'll kind of fold together perfectly when you bend your arm. Hard to explain without showing you, but when you experiment you'll know what I mean. I started off with industrial velcro on those straps to experiment and get it right before making it permanent.


Looking great man! I agree with all the comments in here. Exciting times for  you!

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