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TK-17307 Requesting ANH Stunt Centurion Status [SDS] (431)

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Name: Miguel Ángel Torres Jiménez

FISD Forum Name: Forestrooper

Legion ID: 17307

Garrison: Spanish Garrison


Costume Information

Armor Maker: SDS

Helmet maker: SDS

E-11 Blaster: 3D printed


Legion Profile: 



EIB request:



List of changes:

- Vocoder painted.

- Displaced Hovi mesh.

- Reduced the size of the small ab plate.

- Improved the calve fastenings.

- Added knurling pattern on the blaster's rear sight.

- Blaster has been prepping, sanding and repainting.

- Performed a realignment of the sniper knee.006de3bc6b88b1df356fe2e4e58113de.jpgce96c27d240b97bab8ab94c7c59459f1.jpg080de65cbf2ba04b018d2f872eaa3ebd.jpgc3425d738c72f0d5f01d0f73102df7ca.jpg76417c4b7cc8aeb614820ea35f0f81d9.jpg138453e420272d153fcd284d1daa01f8.jpgb6e00dd13bdefd8dc7a45e547b8af0fd.jpgc605722f91fcb2d82e6c7c48d224c3ad.jpg98387d2afae6648c523eee03a9ac8eb7.jpg981d306be9eafb1f3504e82ae2b2fb54.jpgffa9b24ca12223efcfb59d8d486133a6.jpgc3dd5a993712b38e874b24e55b56ba62.jpgec7929da283fa62c7c38a60fb9a43785.jpga383f9d96cd90daae308da29a3340b9b.jpg8185714a6a8b94981cdf6215b42efd98.jpgf25ad113fd371a170c1e6e7573a407b9.jpgfd51cbeb3032d5b052fdbf0fe6a24b00.jpg44d036b4582a0342080432eb2139a4ba.jpg383af72475a39c20bace75cfd0c7f5ac.jpg354705486618ac92528a4be29c467030.jpge59a39e48139df6026fa6a5d2e307aa2.jpge1e7e938935c15c153d0b02ca0d0da4a.jpg1eabed63e4953c0c003df5ed91781c76.jpgfac05fdf87a274eaccb6dd793bdc0e94.jpge998485be8d023b7408dea24e6e6b727.jpg0facc1e6e0e93c7c3a2a3ea5d9fce63a.jpg34e30e9de789931e2612d74983aa0952.jpg9836ca8c27d66efcd914b1ad470a1a69.jpgcb0521577f7358bbb966d7ab666b0d51.jpg98733c9ef7b663f8a6dca9aede5478d7.jpg7bff7bcbae9f59a5296f931809a75734.jpg7ae3788b1335f6a8bcffbb317b1ab979.jpgfbedc3269f35cb3a1b755609956065c0.jpg786402609c9d8881fbc616047faa591e.jpg

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Nice work, you could adjust your sniper plate, from the CRL L2: Sniper knee plate must be aligned with the ridges on the shin.


7ae3788b1335f6a8bcffbb317b1ab979.jpg IMG_6460b.jpg&key=339c0395a44db75f66b251f69a7bc92a6bf32073da64e26cc6a6d8519b8b89aa



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1 hour ago, Forestrooper said:
2 hours ago, TK-40996 said:
good luck on your EIB application ! keep up the good work trooper !

It's for Centurion ;-) but thank you very much anyway

Oops my bad !! Sorry ! 

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Great work in your armor!
We'll see you soon with your new Centurion rocker!!

Good luck!!

Enviado desde mi Redmi Note 4 mediante Tapatalk

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  • TheSwede changed the title to TK-17307 Requesting ANH Stunt Centurion Status [SDS] (In review)

Hi again Miguel


Upon closer inspection I´m sorry to say that we found a few things we need to sort out before we can proceed.


First we have the helmet and the CRL states: the frown is painted grey and does not leave the teeth area (Basic approval) Some mineral spirit and TLC should do the trick. While you are working on it we also suggest replacing the mesh to something more black.



Next up is the arms, you have alot of flat surface on this arm that needs to be reduced, either by trim down the forearm (you appear to have room for this) or use a slightly larger cover strip to even things up (the cover strip should be in the center). We also ask of you to provide additional pics showing front/back of your other arm.



We also need you to provide pics showing the back of both thighs and shins to allow us a closer look.



Lastly we have the sniper knee and unfortunatly, from these pics it does not alligne with the ridges of the shin as stated in the CRL for L2. We know you have been working on this but as it stands it will not pass Centurion. If this a photo issue we are happy to take another look:salute:




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  • TheSwede changed the title to TK-17307 Requesting ANH Stunt Centurion Status [SDS] (pending photos)
  • TheSwede changed the title to TK-17307 Requesting ANH Stunt Centurion Status [SDS] (431)

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