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Rosenlund 66

Greetings from the frozen North...

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Välkommen - Welcome.
Another Northerner ^^

I´m new here as well and these people are just a big hug of friendliness and knowledge. I´m sure you will feel right at home. 

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Hello and welcome aboard, good luck with this journey, looking forward to your build thread.

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Welcome aboard!  


Yes, you are correct- stay far, far away from eBay for armor.  It works for basic electronics and some generic (ie, non-501st specific parts, like a wireless mic is a wireless mic), but it's limited.  


I've known some guys who modded the Black Series helmets, but they do take some decent to significant modding to become 501st approvable, and I personally have no knowledge of what that entails.  Off hand I'd say unless you had one already, it'd be easier to go for one with your armor kit, either assembled or unassembled.  


Check out the build threads for more on assembly.  Also check out the Various Types of Armor and Where To Find Them to help you decide which maker would best suit you physical and monetarily.  

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