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The Snake

Need help w/ really bad squawk/feedback & echo.

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I need some advice on my voice setup. As of yet, I have never had a successful troop with my voice sounding correct.


Right now, I'm using the TrooperTalk setup. That is, the iPhone app, with an Aker amp and headset mic connected with a splitter.


Actually, I've perfected the setup: I found the perfect speaker & mic placement, app settings, etc. It sounds fantastic...until I put the bucket on. With the bucket on, I start getting loud squawking, and a bad mechanical-sounding echo. I've tried different placements, I've tried going directly into the amp (to see if the app had anything to do with it), but nothing works. As long as my bucket is on, the sound is terrible.


I'm thinking maybe adding some kind of foam to the inside of the bucket will absorb the sound, but I'm not sure what kind of foam would work best. Does anyone have any suggestions, or referral for what they use to prevent this from happening?


Greatly appreciated troopers :smiley-sw013:

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