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EVA foam RO TK build

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Thank you!  


My voice amplifier arrived yesterday!  It works great!  I'm having a little trouble figuring out how to get it to play the comm chatter loop though.  I think it requires a micro SD card to play the mp3 file.  Even if I can't get it to work, I can always play the loop on my phone. 


I rigged up a simple pouch that hangs over my neck and rests under my chestplate.  It has room enough for my amp, phone, wallet, and maybe even a few small items I might buy at a convention.




I didn't spend much time putting it together.  Maybe I'll make a better one sometime, but this works for my right now.

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My boots came today!  They're a lot more sturdy than I thought they would be and the color matches my armor pretty well!  I was expecting that inaccurate seam down the front to be more noticeable that it actually is.  





The only problem I have is that when I wear them, my shins start riding up on my leg.  And when I walk, they pop up past the top of the boots.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?

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I have a little piece of industrial strength Velcro attached to the top front of the boot with the soft Velcro side attached to the inside of my shin.  Holds everything nicely in place.

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That would hold it on pretty good.  I think I would probably have to add one to the back of my boot and shin too.  that's where it rides up the most.  Thanks!


I've also seen a video where a member had a stirrup on the inside of his shin armor.  Has anyone had any experience with that? 

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I ended up using the elastic stirrup idea.  I tried using velcro, but it didn't feel secure and it made a really loud scratching/grinding sound when I walked.  The elastic works really well.  Almost too well.   I feel like it almost pulls it down too far. :laugh1:


Well, now my suit is completely finished.  Maybe a few tweaks here and there, but I will probably always be continually modifying it.




Can't wait to take this baby out for a spin, but it's going too be a bit too hot out for the next few days.   I just need to see how it holds up to prolonged walking.  I also need to find a suitable travel box.   I bought a rolling footlocker from Wal-Mart, but it was too small.  There was this really big rolling tub there too for the same price.  I guess I'll try that next.

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I use the same truck Wook does to stop my shins rotating, has worked a treat for years.

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Hey! I finally took my suit out for it's maiden voyage today!  I walked around outside and inside for about an hour.  I went up and down stairs, through tight hallways, stood around the yard, and had people honk at me as they drove past.


I have taken note of all the things that I am having trouble with and that need to be fixed.  I'm having a lot of trouble walking.  I think my shins may be pulled down too far with the elastic stirrups I made, so it's hard to move my ankle.  And there's something up with my ab and butt plate armor.  Maybe ab/kidney is too low?  Whatever it is, it's causing me to walk with my legs spread out like I had an accident in my armor :wacko:


Here are some photos.  Maybe you guys can see why I'm having so much trouble?











Left Side: (forgot to take right pic)




Right and left sides with arms up:





Front with blaster:




Action shot:




Making sure there are no rebels in the house:




Also, there is no air moving around inside my helmet, so it seems that fans are a necessary investment.  I'm also going to remove the backing to my frown mesh.  

I'm wearing a thermal undersuit and it's really warm, so I guess I'll have to try and find something cooler.


Other than these few problems, my suit seems to work pretty well and I'm exited to start wearing it to cons and the like.  Thanks!



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Troop #1: Cincinnati Comic Expo  8/21/19


The Cincinnati Comic expo was the debut of my costume!  I wore it for nine hours and it was surprisingly comfortable!  I know that sounds really weird, but comfort in a costume for me is not having to worry about anything falling of, or slipping down.  I also installed fans in my helmet, so it was actually cooler with it on, than off! :smiley-sw013:


It was SUPER crowded there and I was stuck in the con floor with people crammed in all around me.  I was a little bit worried that people would get mad at me if I stayed in character and I wasn't sure if I would do it, but I got so frustrated because we were in dead stop traffic that I just yelled "Step aside!!".   Surprisingly everyone did!  I could hear people laughing or saying "That's so cool!"  As I pushed past!  So for the rest of the day I interrogated people and forced my way around as if I owned the place! :laugh1:  Just like a real stormtrooper!


The costume also won first place in the Journeyman level of the costume contest!  Journeyman is the second of three levels.



The Kenner card they had there worked out perfectly!



Even though my costume was pretty comfortable, it was still a long day ;)



I would also like to clarify any misconceptions about EVA foam not being sturdy.  I wore this thing all day and it received little to no damage.  I you know how to make it correctly and don't crash around like a bull in a china shop, then it will be fine!


There are a few upgrades I am working on.  I'm making a new TD because my original one is too small.  I will also be adding some more velcro to my TK belt, because it was slipping down just a little with the weight of the holster.  


I'm also working on a pauldron, R1 style hard field pack and a T-21 blaster for Halloween!  I'll post pics of them when I am finished!


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I finished my T-21!  It's lightweight and has an adjustable strap.  I honestly never realized how big T-21's were and I was surprised when it started coming together! 


Here it is!





I'm having a few problems with the way my pauldron is laying, but I should be able to fix it.  The pack is getting closer to being finished too! I just need to add a few details! :dancing-trooper:


Here's what I have so far.


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I'm almost ready to paint my pack, but I wanted to figure out strapping first.  I plan on making backpack style straps.  Does anyone know of a way to keep them from slipping of my shoulders?


Here is the pack's frame.



And here is the 1 1/2" webbing I got for it!


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Thank you!


I finished the field pack and pauldron! The pack was a lot lighter than I thought it would be and doesn't do any damage to the armor like I was afraid it was going to do!


Here's the pack



The top box has a removable panel on it, so I can carry whatever in it.



The Antenna is removable for easier storage and so I can make through small doorways. :D



I also bought some dishwashing gloves today.  There nice and long, so I don't have worry about any of my wrist showing!




I took it all out for a test run tonight!  It all works pretty well, but I definitely won't be able to wear it indoors, unless it's a con floor.  I'ts too big!








It's a little hard to see all the details at night.  I'll get some daytime pictures on Halloween! 

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Troop #2: Halloween Trick-or-treat  10/31/19


Had a wonderful Halloween.  I just walked around the neighborhood, getting stopped by Trick-or-treaters for pictures!  


I also got some pictures in better lighting!


This is me and my brother, who was dressed as a ghost from Ninjago.






The people handing out candy at the houses got a kick out of seeing me coming up to their door!





It was freezing out! plus it was super windy!  It was the first time that I didn't sweat in costume! :laugh1:






Happy Halloween!

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Thanks for sharing the pics, Caleb!  I still can't get over what an amazing job you did on this.  :th_AnimatedBravoSmiley:

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On 11/1/2019 at 7:48 AM, justjoseph63 said:

Thanks for sharing the pics, Caleb!  I still can't get over what an amazing job you did on this.  :th_AnimatedBravoSmiley:


On 11/2/2019 at 12:51 PM, MissionTrooper said:

Man, that looks great!  I still can't get over that you made it out of foam.

Thank you!

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