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Some crafting examples. Leather, copper, 925 Sterling silver etc.

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As a leathercrafter, you never know what you will create since all customers have their different orders, wants and needs.

I recently closed my shop due to construction work in the store area, so nowadays it´s crafting in the home instead and on a smaller scale. However, anything is possible still and here are a few examples of previous creations. I also create jewelry in silver, bronze, titanium, pearls, bones etc and specifically and very often, the Norse often seen Kingslink worn a lot by Viking reenactors.


A note for the leather: All leather and skin used in the crafts are always from a Vegetable tanned source. No chrome products is, will or have ever been used and that is a very high importance for me. I only use Vegetable tanned materials, everything is hand crafted from the ground up and hand stitched, colored, engraved and made worn.


So... as said...some mixed items coming. Starting with a hello from me at Birka 2018




A custom commission for a fantasy larp. Customer wanted a very specific setup with a light battle-worn patina and a crest their group uses. The armor is a two item setup with the Chest and Belt combination.



The client had a Thors Hammer, but nothing else. We opted to make him a set of 925 Sterling silver Wolf´s heads clasping rings attached through a twisted silver bar that went through the hammer and held everything in place on the 65 cm long chain. The following picture is the same weave but on a thinner scale and in copper. All these rings where created by hand one at the time, then hand sawed and mounted.



Some light engraving for a restaurant to put the customers check´s and credit cards in.



And to close with, the old Cosplay pics from Gamex when we did a job for EA / Bioware for Dragon Age Inquisition. Here i used an old Chest armor etc i had at home and a bud´s sword , but we only had 14 days to make the stuff so, sometimes a shortcut is needed haha. Keyword to make it work when in a rush. Layers layers layers.



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Wow. Impressive stuff. :-)

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9 minutes ago, CableGuy said:

Wow. Impressive stuff. :-)

Thank you =)

There are plans ahead this spring that will be posted here as well. Got some Artifacts, both Jedi and Sith in planning and am looking a bit for concept arts to make versions of the Force books from the Last Jedi. In short...i can´t afford collectors items, so i´l be making my own ;)

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