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TK-12820 reporting for duty!


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Hello everyone!


I am a new member to Everglades Squad.


I am very grateful for recent 501st Legion approval of my ESB StormTrooper TK.   


Look forward to an exciting year ahead with the awesome members and rookies of the Everglades Squad.


Also - As it seems so many in the 501st, have more than one set of armor or costume, my New Year's resolution is to also become a Dark Lord of the Sith for our Squad.  :lightemperor:


Appreciate the Legion level access to FISD and SLD.


Best wishes for the upcoming holidays!

JediDad 2011





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Hi Ian and welcome to the FISD!  Congrats on your approval!  Now the real fun begins when you get to go out there and troop.  It is a lot of fun and a very rewarding experience.  Head over to this thread so you can request 501st/Detachment access.  Have fun!




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Welcome to the Legion and to FISD Trooper:salute:

And please feel free to share a pic of your armor and also, check out the advanced tactics section and see if you will join in on the "march to 1000":)


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Welcome Ian! Welcome to the wreached hive of heat & humidity lol 

The Everglades squad are a great group to troop with. 

If you ever get up to Makaze (Orlando) area let me know! 

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Congrats Ian! A SL would be very sweet! You should consider taking your TK to EIB and/or Centurion...not only do you get the pride of a higher quality build, but you also get access to pretty cool merchandise.

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