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Greetings Fellow troopers, or I hope to be a fellow trooper one day, 


I found a video on YouTube with someone discussing Stormtrooper armor and was wanting to get some expert opinions on it and this seemed to be the best place to go.  He got his armor from OriginalStroomtrooper.com.  Has anyone ordered anything from them?  Hows the quality?  The price is in British pounds so whats the American dollar conversion?  The quality looked pretty good but as I have never seen anything about this site, I figure it might not be up to the specs of the 501st like some of the other vetted sites I have seen are.  Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.  


For the Empire!!




PS If this doesn't belong here, I apologize and feel free to move to correct area


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Welcome to the FISD, you are indeed in the correct place.


Personally I wouldn't purchase from that seller.


There's a fair options available to you depending on budget and needs.  Your best off reading through these two threads and then if you have any futher question you can ask them and be more specific.



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