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On the matter of Phasma's cape...

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So because the new story about the development of Denis Villeneuve's Dune project got me nostalgic for the David Lynch one (as well as the surge of bitterness no one ever even tried to take all the raw footage and do a proper completion of it in a full four-hour, completed-VFX, intermission-and-overture epic...) and had the bonus features on as background noise while I worked. In the featurette on the costumes, Bob Ringwood was talking about how they made the Guild Navigators' uniforms out of old body bags. Commentary was made about the tar-coated canvas, the straps for securing and carrying, the pockets for papers containing pertinent details to be transported with the deceased...


...And all I could think of was "Did they use a body bag for Phasma's cape?" Or at least the inspiration for it. I know the standard model human-remains pouch was made from coated canvas at least through the Vietnam War, though other details vary (by that point, the pockets were clear plastic, rather than the pouch material). For those who have managed to reconstruct accurately useful patterns for her cape, looking at how it's put together, would it lend itself to such an origin? If the zipper and end seams were taken out and one end re-sewn into that neckline, maybe? Is the placement of the straps such that they could have been used as carry handles?

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I'm not gonna lie, I burst out laughing at the prospect of them using a body bag for her cape... it's... weirdly fitting?  So Hollywood to re-purpose something the picker probably had no idea what actually was/maybe found it already somewhat disassembled?  Or just wanted to mess with people?

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