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So as I prepare to embark on my first build like most I'm terrified to make my first cut.  After a lot of research I feel compelled to start with the biceps to hopefully build some confidence from there.  So my question is....when sizing the bicep or any limb armor do I want to trim to size from both pieces (outer and inner) or just off of one piece. In other words if I want to reduce both sides of the armor by say an inch do I cut a half inch off both the inner and outer armor halves or do I take an inch off the sides of just one piece and if so which one inner or outer. My gut tells me to take it off evenly but I thought I'd get some advice.


For my next question bare in mind  I'm relatively sized proportionally to a 1970's Englishmen in that i'm 5'9" 155lbs or perhaps a little short for a trooper. But anyways, is there a good guideline to use for the screen used  widths of cover strips on the shins, thighs, forearms and biceps? Likewise what should I be doing with the return edges on each piece.  I know a lot of people will just say search the forums but I keep seeing some conflicting answers and the guidelines don't always specify on every piece.


Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. 

Ed Black

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Like Phil said take evenly from both sides. So far as cover strips go biceps and forearms get 15mm strips, thighs and shin fronts get 20mm strips and the shin closure strip is 25mm.

Good luck on your build.

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When sizing limb pieces, (especially forearms and thighs), I recommend removing all excess return edges for a perfect fit before gluing.  Leaving return edges at the top of the thighs can cause chafing, and the wrist opening of the forearm should have no return edge at all.   Some folks like to leave a bit on to give the armor a thicker look in certain areas, but for the most part the armor used in the films was trimmed down a lot, as seen in the photos below.

You can (and should) leave some return edges on the tops of the calves and bottom of the thighs, though.

The reason behind trimming them before final gluing is that if you need to remove them in the future you may have too much room, causing the piece to be loose.


If you have any questions, it's always best to post up a few detailed photos of the issue before final gluing so that we can help you out.  I suggest using blue painter's tape to hold things together for sizing / photos.

Nz5Rika.jpg?1  KhFvbXy.jpg?1  PoiWLqp.jpg?1  iRdAbWg.jpg?1 HGSPZnP.jpg?1

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