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Starting a build at long last in Portland, OR

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Well, I sent the pictures to RS and the response was simply:

“Unfortunately we don't have any control over the ABS we receive what our suppliers send, this is from 3 years ago. The batches can change.”

Which I understand, and yes, my kit is from 2017, but this still seems like a pretty darn big change in color.

I had ordered some spare hand guards from them back in September (so I could do both glove options - poly and rubber), so I pulled those out and while closer, they are also lighter coloured than the plastic used for the ammo belt and ears.

I sent this picture to RS on Friday and asked about it maybe being PVC, but have yet to hear back...


I also compared the parts to an Anovos suit and a clone suit from Imperial Surplus, and both were closer in color to my original armor than the replacement pieces.

Any advice on what to do next? I'm assuming that the ear and ammo pack will never get approved without painting, and while I'm not opposed to painting my bucket, I'm definitely not going to paint my whole suit of armor just to match the ammo pack. I'll probably ask to return the bits, but not sure where to go from there. Maybe someone else who makes lineage armor is using plastic that is closer in color?

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It is quite a difference, almost like 2 completely different armors BUT suppliers can change and there can be a big difference over time as you have found.


Color matching may work but it can be a lot of messing around. I recently found some U trim I wanted to add to armor was way too white so I played with some water based acrylic paint and luckily was able to get a pretty good match, but it's not the type of paint you want to on your pieces as you want them to be nice and smooth.


Before paint (note armor is RS and very cream)



After paint



Some automotive paint suppliers will color match paint and supply in aerosol so you may be able to get a pretty good match, not sure what price.


The only other thing I would think could happen is trying to match with a different armor make, you may have more luck there but still it would mean purchasing new pieces.


I think paint may be the cheaper option



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Interesting see how cream colored your RS armor is. I guess it's not just a fluke thing then!

I've been thinking on it a bit, and I've decided to paint my helmet, so I may try the automotive option. Unless you have any suggestions for a good spray color for buckets. I've heard Krylon gloss white, but also had mixed results with getting a really nice finish with Kryon in the past...

... or I may see if @CableGuy wants to finish the bucket for me at this point hahaha.


For the ammo pack, I've sent a message out to Trooper Bay and WTF to see if I can get samples of their ABS. If one matches closely enough, I'll go with them, or else try to paint my RS ammo pack.

I'm also debating trying to patch my current one up with abs paste and trying to make it work since I have to fix some holes in my abdominal and kidney plates anyway... So many options!

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Color matching the paint will be the problem, I prefer using automotive acrylic paint, dries quickly and can be sanded and buffed/polished. I would suggest getting it professionally color matched as least then it won't look out of place


Many have used Krylon paints and seem to have no issues (as long as you aren't too heavy) but we don't have that down under so can't comment further.


We do have Rustoleum and I'll never use that again, some cans can be great but others spurt and come out in blobs no matter how long you shake them for ;) 



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Oh man, I'll pretty much only use Rustoleum for primer now hahaha. Color matching will require me talking to people face to face which is discouraged here in the USA right now (I really miss living in New Zealand)... but I'll see what I can sort out :D

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ABS will most likely sink if put in water. Unfortunately so will PVC. If do an ASTM burn test, ABS will have a yellow flame with bluish flickers. Black soot can be seen in the air. PVC has a blue flame with yellow flickers, same for the soot as ABS. If you’re familiar, PVC has a fruity smell when burnt vs ABS is mostly acrid.

It’ll be hard to “Prove” however paint from your local hardware store will support bonding to both PVC and ABS collectively.

You could, I suppose, send a small sample of each to a rheology lab and that will be definitive. Usually costs about $200 and they’ll need at least 30-50g of polymer to do the test.

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