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VC_Trooper's ANH Stunt Build (AM 2.0)

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I originally had pre-ordered an Anovos kit back in Dec 2017, however after further research I decided that AM would be a better fit for me (6'3" and 240lbs).  I was luckily able to cancel with Anovos after only a couple of emails and soon had my AM kit in hand (around May 2018 I believe). It took me a while to begin actually building, and I have been working on it off and on for the past few months. I had been intending to start this build log back when I started, but kept putting it off.  Now I am close to completion and decided to stop delaying and share my progress.  I will eventually be aiming for Centurion with this build, but for now my immediate goal is having it ready (wearable) in time for Halloween.


Boots (TK Boots)
Canvas Belt (Imperial Issue)
Nomex Gloves (Amazon)
Rubber Gloves and Latex Handguard (TrooperBay)
Undersuit (Amazon)
Neck Seal (TrooperBay)
Holster (TrooperBay)
E-11 (TBD)



I have been working on the suit off and on for months now, unfortunately I have not been too good at taking pictures during the build up until now, so here are the few I had over the last months:

My future trooper helping me sort through the parts after BBB day:




Modelling the in progress forearm and biceps:








Painting the buttons.  I was a little worried about how to paint these without making a mess of things, so I used an adjustable circle cutter to cut masks out of tape, painted the buttons, then scored the paint where it met the tape prior to peeling off the mask. I was lucky that only a little bit of paint needed to be touched up so this worked out pretty well for me getting a good covering with minimal cleanup.






This is the progress to this point. The bulk of the suit is trimmed and fitted, with only a few things left to be done (belt, shoulder bells, thigh belt, some rivets and poppers, some paint, etc...)




My son saw me test fitting my thighs and demanded I dress up, then he demanded to put his suit on too to match.




I realized afterwards I had swapped the shins and the thighs were not properly attached, but that's what I get for having a three-year old help me get suited up.

My goal at this point is to get the suit to a wearable state for Halloween, which will be a good fitting and walking test.  After that I will focus on getting basic approval and begin the journey to Centurion.

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Looking good so far from your pictures. Don't forget to cut the bottom front part of the butt plate on a 45 degree angle. Can't wait to see more pictures and progress.

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Oh thanks for pointing that out, I hadn’t noticed that!

The buttplate in general has been giving me issues getting it to sit right, I’ll try to post some pics soon but it also started cracking on the top return edge as well so I need to decide how to fix that moving forward...

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