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HWT DLT-19 build with electronics

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A friend of mine and expert prop builder built me a screen accurate DLT-19, we wanted to make it electronics ready so in the middle an easily accessible compartment was left empty to house the electronics I wanted to control sound and light effects.


I knew I wanted to make this excellent piece of prop unique, therefore I added some extra features for HWT as I troop regularly with this heavy blaster (I will not say more, look at the video to find out more :) )


Component list of the electronics:

- Proto Blaster MK5 (---------------)

- Adafruit 60LED/m, black PCB Neopixel stripe wrapped into packing foam for better diffusion

- Adafruit neopixel strick (8 LED) for the status bar/PLI

- Adafruit Flora single neopixel on a round PCB for the nozzle light, with a 20mm Carclo optic

- 2 illuminated AV switches for the 2 buttons, one is the trigger and the other one is for mode change, reload etc.

- 3.7V Li-Ion battery, type 18500 (shorter than the widely used 18650, but still has a large capacity ~2000mAh)

- a VECO high-end, 2W 8Ohm, bass speaker

- a rumble motor for additional haptic feedback when shooting ( you wanna feel the power surge )

- 128x32 white OLED display for status info, ammo count, screen accurate Hengstler counter


The neopixel stripe (2 glued back to back for even better illumination) runs the whole lenght of the barell, with a single pixel in the nozzle.


And here is the video showing how it works:

In case your browser does not show the embedded video, simply copy this URL and watch it on YouTube:



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