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TLJ Stormtrooper Executioner: Preparing to build

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Hi everyone,

I am pretty sure that the first build I am going to attempt myself is going to be TLJ Executioner. I have priced both the KB and Jimmiroquai kits but I have not yet decided which one to go with. I really like the look and detail of Jim's flexible fiberglass kit that I have seen in the various build threads here, but I don't really have any practical reason to prefer it over the ABS kit that KB offers. I recall seeing somewhere that the flexible fiberglass kit allows for the single piece chest/yoke which is more screen accurate versus the ABS kit which requires them to be separate. Given that this will be my first attempt at putting something like this together I would gladly accept take any advice on which material might be more suited a first timer. I am not afraid of a little effort though, and if one is markedly better than the other I am not unwilling to invest the effort. Thanks!



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Hi there both kits would need bondo and primer/paint so pretty much the same other than joining a few pieces. ABS is lighter than fibreglass and I've seen a few builds noting they had a few cracks in the fibreglass.


I suppose then it comes down to price, shipping and turnaround before shipped.


I would suggest just going through some of the build threads and seeing the pro's and con's for both sets ;) 

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