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To chatter or not to chatter

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Lol. This is funny to catch up on (across both threads...)

Personally, I think that this might be better suited to different events. For example, at a smaller, family type event, a trooper is likely to be more personal/specific with their chat.
I get a lot of people ask me “can we take a photo with you?” I will answer along the lines of “of course, sir/ma’am”. In that scenario, a loop wouldn’t be fitting.

At a huge convention, in a massive hall, with thousands upon thousands of visitors, surrounded by tens and tens of fellow troopers, a little generic “chatter” would probably add to the ambiance.

Each to their own, as always, however I have never run one and it wouldn’t really appeal to me. I like the specific interaction with people and rely on my TRamp and my bad American accent for that!! Lol

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I think they use different radio bands, it’s probably the same communication system but on different bands (like we do in Police work).


I’ve never seen a TB use it and I wouldn’t but I can see how they can get away with it. Being as TBs are seen less in the movies. They are seen talking but that’s about it.


I’ve only seen 1 TD use it and it was pretty much in his backpack as he walked around. It was an outdoor event and with the DJ and all the people around you couldn’t hear it anyway. And most of it was in reference to squadrons, garrison, or TDs checking in.


Now go have fun Matt!



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I would think TK's just talk to each other directly. One on one when together on DS. Like the two thinking " it's a drill". They have no need to have chatter.


Sandy's on Tatooine are a police force and spread out in all area's. They're relaying info on the spot as it happens. Which would come across as chatter.


I would think they (TK/TD) have different channels of communications and procedures.


I use the chatter loop in my HWT backpack. I use my phone and throw it in the radio. It's nice background noise and helps the illusion of being part of something big and sounds cool coming from radio.



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I personally like chatter, because it helps create an ambiance around you.  This is more important when you have only a few people at a troop, or it's not an already "Star Warsy" location.  We can sometimes look like overgrown action figures wandering around a local park with no other Star Wars or sci fi anything around.  I've noticed kids pick up on the chatter- one pointed out that'd he'd heard that line already (I have it on a loop so it just cycles through several times during long troops).  Adults that are really into us seem to like it, and think it's neat.


Eventually our Squad is going to get together and record our own- put some Squad-related jokes, some area-specific ones, our TKIDs checking in, our voices, etc.  That makes it fun for us.  I think a large component of chatter is for us, as troopers.  


The most popular though is the iComm static bursts- so if you're not a fan of chatter for whatever reason, then I'd highly recommend static bursts (iComm or otherwise).  People's jaws drop when you talk, and they really drop to the floor when there's static.  

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Well whether or not TKs have "true" chatter, doesn't matter to me as much as the fact that during troops the background loop just really helps to fill in the time when fans are near but I really have nothing to say

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