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TheSwede`s FOTK build [KB]


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22 hours ago, Frank75139 said:

Nice job!
(Waiting for the announcement of your next project)

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Good to know there`s interest Frank:D

19 hours ago, shashachu said:

Woo! Congrats!!

Thanks Sha Sha :) looking forward seeing your progress:duim:


9 hours ago, yo_its_nino said:

Congrats! Looking superb!

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Thanks Nino:salute:

9 hours ago, LTM said:



How does it feel/wear compared to your ANH? 

Thanks Lou:) and to me not that different to wear (haven`t been wearing it all that much yet though - I know---how stupid am I :P) but it feels more like a real suit of armor with the gaskets and quick release clips, ammo vest, the black and white color scheme and just has a modern feel to it - I really love it and really looking forward to trooping with it the 17th:)


7 hours ago, Scimitar said:

Congrats! You did an amazing job on this build, and so quickly too.

Thanks Eric:salute: Felt like it took forever though:smiley-sw013:

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Lots of Stormtrooper-action for anyone with patience and scrolling skills:smiley-sw013:


Edit: for best viewing experience I would change the setting to 720p and sometimes you need to reset the video.

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Posing with the boss at Scifiworld Stockholm.



Shout out to Andreas @Coil for giving me this awesome patch, thanks again:salute:



Also finishing this build off with a walking video seemed only fitting, didn`t know my son was filming but apparently he was :smiley-sw013:


And a short clip from Lego League 




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I see myself there in the background of the video.


Do you have any pics of both of us with Kylo?


Got a lot of patches and stuff for trade when I visited the awesome people in UAE outpost so I am just spreading it to other troopers.

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On 11/21/2018 at 8:13 AM, shashachu said:

Nice! You seem to have very good mobility in this kit. It took me a while to learn to walk normally in my OTTK...

Thanks, I’d say it’s about the same, atleast for me any way...alot more quiet though:D

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