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Tie Pilot Armor

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I’m not part of the 501st, but i’m a huge Star Wars fan and to prevent boredom during the summer my friend and I decided to 3D Print a Tie Pilot Helmet and the chest box.






I found all the accurate parts of the costume pretty cheap online, but the one thing I’m missing is the chest armor. I don’t have enough money to buy the chest armor online, and 3d printing it would take too long and be too complicated. What’s a good alternative for making the chest armor?



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Hello and welcome, FISD is for Stormtroopers, for everything Tie Pilot head to Jolly Roger Forum

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2 hours ago, tk2crazay! said:

Where can I buy a accurate and finished tie pilot helmet and chest piece?

Use he link to Jolly Roger Forum i posted above, you’ll need to research there

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