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Question - Naming of a Fire Team

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Hallo everyone


I hope it is okay to post this question here. I‘m from Germany and not yet a Member of the FISD (FOTK in progress, will post soon a Thread here :))


I/We have a question, maybe you can help me here, or point in the right direction where I can ask the right person.


We want create I Fire Team with only FOTK/FOArmor to create a more steady group of FOTK‘s in Germany. The question we have is regarding the naming of the group.


Would it be okay to use „Batch Eight“ here?


„Batch Eight“ was mentioned in the elevator scene which was cutted in Ep8. So it is not in the movie directly or as far as I know in books or anything else.





Thank you for your time!


With kind regards


DS/DZ/ID 51337

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HI Sebastian,


Yes, you can call it anything that you want.  The only requirements from a branding standpoint is that you don't use any 501st of FISD branding. Otherwise what you call it it entirely up to you.


Hope this helps,



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