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KB Props - Needs Paint?


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Having almost completed my KB kit, I don't see how you can build it without painting it, particularly the yoke, forearms and TD. KB has changed how the forearms are assembled so you likely won't need to paint those anymore but his yoke is still 3 separate pieces and the TD's going forward were going to be solid resin and non-white.


I wondered the same thing as you when I was researching kits. I reached out to another member who had built one and he told me that if I had to paint that I was doing it wrong. Guess I did it wrong! :laugh1: I'm still very happy with how it turned out after painting though.


As for the color matching and stuff to Anovos helmets, the white was fine imo but I noticed a number of small discolorations or dark spots on my pulls. That depends entirely on the ABS he pulls for ya. Sometimes you get a kit and the pieces are all black, in which case painting is definitely required. See my and Ruthar's build threads for some pictures of how black and white ABS looks. I'll be posting some pictures of my painted and completed armor in the next few days. 


Hope that helps.

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If you are planning to buy a KB kit, you might be out of luck.  My understanding is that they are out of the business. 


Maybe read this...


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I can get a KB kit, but was still looking at all possible routes to go.


It seems there isn't a FOTK kit out there that doesn't need paint then?  I'm just used to my regular TK which never needed paint, and is so much more durable than my painted armors that constantly need repainting and touch ups


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Only kit I know of that doesn't need paint is MIMIC's kit. You can find him on therpf.com I have half my kit in and it's beautiful.

There is one spot open on the run and you probably won't be waiting near as long as I have been.


My garrison mates that are doing KB kits just got clear kits and planning to paint with Kyron Gloss White I think

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