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CRL for Force Unleashed Stormtrooper

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Has no one thought of this yet? In my opinion, the basic Stormtrooper you see in The Force Unleashed video game has enough unique features to warrant its own CRL entry. 

Just a few key features off the top of my head:

- ANH helmet with ROTJ armor

- ANH style handplates

- Black markings on helmet ears, like the TK Commander. Not present on models pictured below, but I've seen it on Starkiller's costume (I think)

- Row of 5 buttons on abdomen plate

- 8 rivets on canvas belt

- No holster

- Dirty, lots of paint chips all over the place. There should not be a clean variant of this trooper clearing basic.

- Optional lightsaber accessory






Could be another option for those who want to modify their Rubies kits into something besides ROTJ. I know I'd do it if I found another one for a good price. CFO and TM also make kits that would work great for this trooper.

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Yeah, it's been discussed.  To get the CRL though, someone has to be willing to do the costume and submit it to the LMOs.  Basically it's an unpainted TKC/ICN.


You could be the first, Mike :)

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Other things that I noticed:

- The sniper knee is pointed at the top, instead of flat

- The calf armor is pointed the the top of the front, instead of flat

- It doesn't look as though the legs use cover strips. They either look overlapped or just joined together.

- The boots look like they either have two seems (one on inside and one on outside) or just one on the outside instead of centered like on normal TK boots.

- The butt plate doesn't go all the way down and connect with the cod piece

- The ammo pack on the thigh is not connected to the bottom ridge

- The thermal detonator is smooth

- There is no raised oval-ish shape to the left of the center ab plate

- There is only one drop box on the belt, it is perpendicular to the front, and it have some slack instead of being tight like a normal TK

- The helmet is one piece (besides the ears)

-The ears do not flare or get bigger at the bottom

- The five buttons on the ab are higher then usual

- The II in the OII on the back plate are not raised like a normal TK, rather they are two seperate blocks oj their own

- The lenses look flat and not bubbled

- Finally, there aren't any thumb indents on the biceps


(Also, it is hard to tell, but because of the shadows on the forearm piece, I believe that the wrist has return edge and the shoulders do not have return edge, unlike on a standard TK)

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