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Harbinger's SE-14R Build (with budget lights n' sound!)

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Time for a new project!




I've always liked the look of the SE-14R so I decided it was time to make one of my own. I also wanted something with lights and sounds, as my Hyperfirm has none, but didn't want to put a lot of time or effort into doing so.


I started of by printing this blaster: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2274864


I've had to modify a few parts to allow for adding electronics. I bought a cheap blaster from the dollar store that I plan to transplant into this blaster:



After opening it up (and tossing the housing) I am left with a speaker, an LED diode and a battery pack (which I cut out of the plastic handle):





Now that I knew what I had to work with, it's time to start modifying the print files. First I had to make room for batteries in the magazine receiver, which was easily accomplished with a dremel and some Apoxie Sculpt:





I did the same to the frame, so I can wire in the circuit board and a toggle switch for the trigger (not pictured, sorry!).


The LED diode will sit at the end of the barrel (may see if I can easily swap in a larger/brighter one without having to redo everything - I'm going for a no-frills, budget approach to lights and sound!), and I figured I would put the speaker at the other end. To do so, the end cap must be modified to make room for the speaker. It will also need a grille for sound to escape:



I plan on covering the opening with speaker cloth, but even so, I couldn't help myself. :P


Another thing I had to do was print the barrel in two parts and glue them together (used a piece of plastic rod to reinforce the joint):



I also picked up the correct scope off of eBay for $8 (also pictured is some other stuff, new build thread coming soon!):



Hoping to get the new end cap printed up tonight, figure out where I need to drill holes in the barrel/frame for wires, and then I should be good-to-go with sanding/filling/priming.

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