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any Pouch templates out there???


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I have never worked with leather, Ben, but you can probably do some research online to find out about how much materials would cost.  As of now, the least expensive approvable HWT pouches you can find are on ebay (link below) but they are sold in sets, so you would have to order 2 (sets) to get the three required for HWT.  (I was approved when canvas was still allowed, but upgraded when the CRL was changed).

If you could make a set of 3 for less than $80.00 or so (including shipping) you could probably sell quite a few here and on the MEPD.

You might also consider making them out of "pleather", since they can be made out of a "leather-like material".  




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Materials would cost quite about the same honestly, unless if you buy from leather scraps usually sold at leather supply stores, and even then you may be able to just come in under the price. I don't think you'd save too much. The ones Joseph is linking to is pretty easy to mod, and a very good price.


Also Blaster 8266 sells very very high quality handmade pouches that pass SWAT levels at MEPD. They are a bit more expensive, but very durable and very high quality.


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